BrewDog relaunches pub bookings with online bar

Scottish craft brewer BrewDog has reopened bookings at its bars ahead of beer gardens opening 12 April 2021.

To celebrate the reopenings, the brewer has launched the Open Arms, an online bar, complete with ambient sounds such as ‘quiet swifty’, ‘brew dogs’ and ‘group shanty’. So that customers can enjoy all the sounds of the pub at home, in the countdown to pub gardens opening in just over five weeks’ time.

The brewer has also announced that it will be launching the BrewDog Beer School, an online crash course in craft beer. Users can learn from the masters of craft with this comprehensive set of online classes.

Covering everything from ingredients to tastings, BrewDog will guide users through the history of beer and beyond. Users can work their way through videos, quizzes and lessons with some of the best brewers and teachers in craft beer. All accessed online, any time guests like.

What’s more, BrewDog has also curated the perfect selection of 12 companion beers to drink alongside each class or whenever guests prefer.