UKH reacts to FS ads restriction plans or mandatory new labelling

The CEO of UKHospitality has made comment on Government plans, revealed in the Queen’s Speech, that may impose restrictions on advertising, or new labelling requirements for hospitality businesses.

Kate Nicholls (pictured) said, “The last thing the sector needs after prolonged periods of closure and trading restrictions is unnecessary red tape. The majority of operators are in survival mode and their recovery will take many, many months, so creating additional burdens is hugely unhelpful.

'Hospitality businesses share the Government’s objectives in tackling obesity and improving public health, but at a time of huge economic uncertainty these new rules must strike a balance and be proportionate.

'Layering on new costs for businesses in a sector that has been hardest hit by the pandemic risks prolonging their recovery and business’ ability to invest and create jobs.'

Nicholls concluded, 'We urge the Government to consult meaningfully with the sector via the new Office for Health Promotion on any measures that are included in the Bill.”