BRC welcomes stats showing 5th consecutive month of rising retail sales

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has responded to the latest ONS Retail Sales Index figures, which showed a 3.7% year-on-year increase in overall sales.

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive, (pictured), said, “The fifth consecutive month of rising sales is a testament to the perseverance and innovation of retailers who continue to constantly adapt to the changing Covid landscape.

'Unfortunately, the lifting of many social restrictions in July did not bring about the anticipated boost in sales compared with the previous months, and the wet weather appeared to have dampened consumer enthusiasm for shopping.

'Nonetheless, food sales returned to growth and even clothing and footwear saw some improvement as weddings and other social events returned to the summer calendar.'

Dickinson went on, “Retailers are keen to see growth continue throughout the second half of 2021, yet there are headwinds looming on the horizon. Challenges in global shipping and the shortage of UK lorry drivers are creating some disruption for consumers and additional costs for retailers.

'In October, the UK will introduce new checks on products of animal origin being imported from the EU, adding more costs to the system.'

Dickinson finished, 'Government must take action on these issues, increasing the number of HGV driving tests taking place and ensuring new EU-GB documentation checks are as light touch as possible.”