Greggs launches very first eco-initiatives outlet

Bakery chain Greggs has just opened its first eco-initiatives shop, which is based in Great Billing, Northampton.

The clever new design will test multiple sustainability methods to help the business discover effective and successful ways to reduce its environmental impact.

Although it may look the same as a regular Greggs, behind the scenes it’s a little different. The shop will act as a test bed for things like recyclable flooring, cistern-less and air assisted toilets, eco-ovens, heat pump air curtains and solar control glass.

All of the initiatives are focused on waste management, water reduction or overall energy reduction.

The launch of these eco initiatives are all part of the Greggs Pledge, which sets out its ten commitments to help make the world a better place by 2025.

The sixth Pledge is 'building the shops of the future', with a commitment to open the first Greggs Eco Shop and have 250 of its shops featuring elements from this format by the end of 2022.

Tony Rowson, Property Director, said, 'We’re delighted to have launched our first eco shop, in line with our Greggs Pledge and net zero commitments.

'As a responsible business we have a duty to our customers and to our planet to change the world for the better.'

Looking to the future, the group's target is for a quarter of all outlets to feature sustainable eco elements, which could help save tonnes of carbon from each shops every year.