BII says pubs will fail in months without urgent energy costs support

Pubs will fail in months without urgent Government support for crushing energy costs
The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has today revealed the results of a flash survey of members on the devastating impact of the rise in energy bills.

With only 1 in 4 members currently in a fixed price contract secured before the recent price rises, the majority are facing huge uncertainty as they try to secure long term contracts for their energy needs.

90% of respondents who have been quoted for new contracts are seeing their prices at least double from the price they are paying now, and nearly 2 in 3 of those are seeing price rises of over 300%, with 1 in 2 of those being quoted at 400% or more.

In addition to these unsustainable rises, 1 in 3 of those trying to secure a contract have not been able to do so, leaving them having to pay even higher variable rates, with no certainty for their futures.
The impact of these crippling price rises means that 1 in 2 businesses will now be loss making, and a massive 1 in 3 of those businesses will fail in the next 3 months.

Steve Alton, BII CEO, (pictured), said, “We have been sharing the data from our members with officials and Ministers in Government for many months now, leaving them in no doubt of the impact of increasing pressures of cost of business inflation and specifically the escalating energy crisis.

“The effect of these unprecedented energy price rises on our nations’ pubs has now reached a critical level. Behind these stark headlines, the reality for individual operators running essential businesses connecting people at the heart of their communities is simply devastating.

“This is not just about business failure and the loss of livelihoods for our members, it is the loss of jobs in local communities, homes for families and the vital lifeline that pubs provide for those facing isolation and loneliness in villages, towns and cities across the UK.

“The demand from consumers to return to our pubs after the central role they played in supporting their communities in the pandemic, has proven how vital it is for us all to reconnect with friends and family.

“If Government does not act rapidly to support these small businesses that not only do so much for their communities, but also provide vital business to local suppliers and brewers as well as significant tax revenues into the Treasury, they will be lost, in some cases forever.

“We are calling on Government to provide a meaningful cap for business energy, as well as grant support for our essential, safe spaces for all across the UK. We are also calling for at least a 50% reduction in business rates for 23/24, as well as a significant cut in duty for draught beer and cider of at least 20% on containers of 20l or more, to allow them to begin to recover their businesses.

“These measures alongside a reduced rate of VAT, encouraging consumers to continue to visit pubs during this cost-of-living crisis will be essential to ensure their survival.
“Without support, the alternative is simply unthinkable. The impact on the economy will be enormous, but the long-term damage to our unique heritage and the social fabric of our nation will be devastating.”