UKH urges new PM Liz Truss to act quickly & decisively to save hospitality

Following the announcement of the UK’s new Prime Minister today, Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality has made comment.

Kate said, “Congratulations to Liz Truss on her election as the new leader of the Conservative Party and our Prime Minister. We very much look forward to working closely with her and the new Cabinet in the coming weeks, as we strive to save the hospitality industry, which is experiencing crushing cost rises.

“The new Government must act quickly and decisively to address the soaring energy bills that are facing consumers and businesses.

'With the right package of support – including a reduction in the headline rate of VAT for the sector to 12.5%, a business rates holiday, the deferral of all environmental levies, the reinstatement of a HMRC Time to Pay scheme and the reintroduction of a trade credit insurance scheme for energy – the sector will be well placed to aid growth through generating jobs and local investment.'

Kate concluded, “Pre-pandemic, our industry spent £10bn a year in high-street regeneration and employed 3.2m people but with energy bills for hospitality businesses rising 300% on average – and as high as 750% in some cases – we desperately need a package of support put in place if we are to be able to play our part in the UK’s economic recovery and growth.”