UKH says urgent resolutions needed to avoid further rail strikes

Follwing on from this week's rail strikes, UKHospitality's Chief Executive has made commented on its effects on businesses and how this must be tackled as a matter of urgency to prevent further damage.

Kate Nicholls said, “It has been a week of misery for both businesses and commuters as a result of the rail chaos inflicted on the country this week.

“At a time when hospitality businesses are grappling with soaring costs and chronic staff shortages, the cumulative effect of strikes by rail and tube workers is enormous.

'Businesses continue to lose customers who can’t travel and they struggle to serve the ones that do visit, due to staff being unable to get into work.

“Footfall in cities across the country still remains well down on pre-pandemic levels and stifling that even further through strikes is incredibly damaging to businesses. This is even more pronounced today, typically one of the busiest trading days in the working week.'

Kate ended, “It’s essential that all parties now work together to come to a resolution that can ensure further rail and tube strikes are avoided at all costs.”