Greene King launches new support service for independent venues

Greene King Brewery and Belhaven have launched a brand-new service, Value For Venues, which offers a unique package of product catalogue, logistics, business management and financial support services to independent venues.

The launch of Value for Venues comes during a time when rising supplier costs and ever-changing consumer habits make running an independent venue extremely tough and isolating.

The service helps independent venues to add value to their business through three key pillars of service; range freedom, customer service and financial support/ business advice.

By offering range freedom across an array of best-selling beers, ciders, wines, soft drinks and spirits, independent venues can avoid dealing with multiple suppliers, delivery slots and points of contact. Value For Venues makes things simple by offering an extensive range of drinks in one, reliable delivery.

The premium customer service support offered within the package also helps businesses to run smoothly, with 363 days per year over-the-phone troubleshooting and cellar support, should anything go wrong.

The third pillar of service available within the suite of assistance is financial support and business advice. Perhaps needed now more than ever during an unstable financial climate, Value For Venues can help to keep cash flows healthy and provide advice on lowering operating costs, ultimately making businesses more profitable.

While Greene King is known for its brewing expertise and the operation of pubs across the UK, this new venture aims to support the wider hospitality sector amidst challenging times for independents. Scottish free trade venues will also see the service tailored from Belhaven Brewery, in Dunbar, which has been a part of Greene King since 2005.

This new support package offers an all-round suite of services that can bolster profits for venues in a simple, cost-effective way, whilst also providing that guaranteed support to those running an independent venue.

Paul Downing, Sales Director for Brewing and Brands, said, “We’re incredibly pleased to be announcing this launch, as our passion lies in championing and supporting the hospitality industry and sharing our knowledge.

'Value For Venues is an important, and unique, offering for independent venues because of how extensive the package of support is, and it’s backed with a wealth of experience.

“Alongside offering excellent range freedom in one handy delivery and year-round customer support, the service also assists on a financial business level too. There is no other service quite like it on the market that provides so much for independent venues, all in one place.”