WSH champions local & seasonal food to counter rising food inflation

Parent company for high-end catering brands, WSH has responded to the latest CPI inflation figures which shows headline inflation at 10.4% and food inflation at 18%.

Andy Milner, Procurement and Supply Director at WSH, said, “Today’s inflation figures provide a stark outlook of ongoing cost-of-living pressures, and with food price inflation hitting record highs it’s important that we look at the impact that food demand can have on our economy.

“We have a unique advantage at BaxterStorey, as foodservice enables a certain agile approach to meeting demand. Our chefs have the autonomy to adapt to challenges and food shortages, and we encourage championing local and seasonal produce to mitigate any issues that may arise in the supply chain.

'We’ve also increased our supplier list by 10% over the last 18 months, which helps us to balance our commercial viability with chef autonomy.”