GARDEN GOURMET® and German Doner Kebab join forces for the ultimate plant based doner range

Nestlé Professional’s GARDEN GOURMET® has teamed up with German Doner Kebab (GDK) to introduce a delicious new plant based doner range that doesn't compromise on taste or texture.

The new range uses GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Vegan Pulled Fillet, a meat alternative made from soya protein, available from 29 April at all GDK stores.

Guests can now enjoy this innovative plant-based doner in the new ‘OV Kebab’, served the same way as the famous GDK ‘OG Kebab’, with the signature doner spice blend with fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes, onion and red cabbage. This is served in a handmade toasted sesame waffle bread with GDK’s three signature sauces.

The plant based doner can also incorporated into any Mains or Doner Boxes. With this addition, customers now can choose from eight vegetarian items, setting a new standard in variety and choice within our competitive landscape.

Kate Edley, Lead Brand & Category for Savoury Food & Plant-Based at Nestlé Professional UK&I said:

“Chicken is the most common ingredient in kebabs*, so teaming up with GDK presents an ideal opportunity to broaden the options and to cater to diner’s preferences and needs. Our GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Vegan Pulled Fillet offers is both rich in protein and a source of fibre, offering a versatile choice for vegetarian and vegans.

“It has that juicy bite and taste, almost like chicken thighs. Plus, it's got a soft, fibrous texture that soaks up all those big flavours, making it the perfect addition to the GDK Kebab range.”

Thorsk Westphal, Global CMO at GDK said: 

'Partnering with Nestlé Professional’s GARDEN GOURMET® is a very exciting next step for us here at GDK.  We are and always have been dedicated to redefining the kebab experience, prioritising quality and fresh ingredients to deliver a premium experience. 

'This collaboration significantly expands availability of vegetarian options by offering a plant-based version of all our fan favourites, aligning with our commitment to offering diverse, flavourful choices for all. Whether customers are wanting to reduce their meat intake for the month, have recently switched across to a plant-based diet or are just intrigued to try new things – we want them to know they can still have an elevated meal that will set taste buds alight. Don’t just take our word for it!” 

Forget what you think you know. You’ve never had a kebab like this before. Made fresh to order, with premium ingredients and GDK’s signature sauces. Kebabs Done Right™

Amazingly versatile ... Great in salads, sandwiches, wraps, pastas and stir fries and lots more. For more information on our GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Vegan Pulled Fillet click here.

GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Vegan Pulled Fillet is also available from Bidfood, product code 16751. Explore the entire range from the Bidfood website.