London's Beaumont Hotel voted best luxury hotel opening 2014

The Beaumont Hotel in London's Mayfair has been voted the best new luxury hotel opening of the year by Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI).

The Beaumont, launched in September by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, was praised for its Art Deco inspired rooms and perfect service.

The hotels opening was pushed back to ensure that everything was perfect and experts concluded that 'perfect it is'.

LTI said, 'It feels like it has been there forever, and the Art Deco inspired rooms and suites are warm and welcoming.'

'The Colony Grill Room is outstanding and deservedly one of the hottest reservations in town.'

Meanwhile, the Shangri-La hotel in the Shard has been voted the worst hotel opening of the year due to a design fault which gives guests a direct view into neighbouring rooms.

LTI said, 'The hotels solution has been to fit blinds, but then you are in just another hotel room, which completely erodes the whole purpose of staying here, in one of the tallest buildings in Europe, as room decor and size is only on par with the average 4/5 star hotel.'