Deltic Group launches new chef apprenticeship scheme

The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator for late night bars and clubs, is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2020 by launching a new chef apprenticeship scheme through its partnership with HIT Training.

This launch comes as the business’s core apprenticeship scheme, which began in 2017, grows from strength to strength, having welcomed more than 15 students over the past 12 months.

The newly created chef apprenticeship opportunities were added to Deltic’s talent development proposition following the launch of the business’s new eden brand in summer 2019. The eden concept brings together all-day dining, drinking and entertainment in botanical-inspired interiors, adding a new dimension to Deltic’s other concepts which comprise late night bar and club propositions and providing the opportunity for apprentices to hone their food preparation and chef skills.

Deltic employs over 1,800 people aged 16-25. In October 2017 Deltic partnered with HIT Training to launch its first ever apprenticeship programme, training aimed at managers and supervisors within the late night leisure industry. Alongside its chef apprenticeship scheme, Deltic’s other programmes include L3 Hospitality Supervisor (Assistant Manager Programme), L4 Hospitality Manager (Deputy Manager Programme) and L3 Team Leader (Sales Manager Programme).

Deltic’s chef apprenticeship scheme has been built around the HIT Training Chef Academy, comprising a series of workshops focused on different practical and theoretical skill sets as well as food groups and types. Candidates on the scheme will be undertaking the ‘production chef’ qualification and will benefit from a combination of workshops as well as on the job training, providing exposure to a mix of environments.

Zoe Pacyna-Wood, HR Director at The Deltic Group, said, “We are delighted to have extended our apprenticeship scheme through our partnership with HIT Training. Our existing apprenticeship scheme continues to grow and offer opportunities for success – this year, 17 apprentices have graduated through our programme, and many more have received internal promotions following their training.

“The UK late night leisure sector employs a huge number of young people, and here at The Deltic Group we feel it is more important than ever that we continue to bring young people into the leisure industry and show that it can provide a stable, exciting and rewarding career.”