Michelin-starred Benares to launch street food styled menu

Launching on 12 September, Atul Kochhar’s Benares will launch a new ‘street food’ styled menu.

The Michelin-starred Indian restaurant will offer a selection of new dishes, each of which will be created by one of the kitchen’s chefs, inspired by the street food speciality of their hometown.

Paying homage to these regional Indian dishes, the time-honoured recipes and methods will be accompanied by the modern flair that the restaurant has become so well renowned for, and will be served in the restaurant’s more informal lounge area.

Designed to be eaten by hand, as originally intended, dishes will include Chicken Tikka Crispy Naan with Smoked Tomato Dressing - inspired by the Punjab region of North West India; Lamb Kofta Roll with Mint and Coriander Salad - typically found in Lucknow, North East India.

There is also Grilled Curry Leaf Seabass and Seasonal Salad - a classic Southern Indian dish found in Goa; Quinoa Salad, Samphire and Red Onion Bhajia - from the East Indian region of Kolkata; and Pickled Prawn with Crispy Rice Pani Puri - a speciality from Mumbai, West India.

These new dishes will be available from a menu that acts as an illustrated map of India, accompanying guests on a ‘Culinary Journey Through India’ and highlighting the regions that each of the dishes originate from, as well staple ingredients and spices.