Brasserie Bar Co survey shows 87% of Brits will confidently return to eateries

A survey by Raymond Blanc's Brasserie Bar Co, which operates Brasserie Blanc restaurants and The White Brasserie pubs, has revealed good news for the hospitality industry – with 87% of survey respondents said they are likely, or very likely, to dine out when restaurants re open, as lockdown is eased.

Of that number, nearly 40% said they’ll dine out as soon as they can. While just over 60% said they’d dine out but would need to feel safe to do so.

When asked what would make diners feel more comfortable about visiting a restaurant or pub, the majority were focused on tables. 26% said table spacing inside and 24% said tables available outside would make them feel more comfortable.

More surprisingly, only 13% said staff wearing face coverings would strengthen their confidence in eating out.

The majority of respondents 62% said they have no concerns about using restaurant cutlery, crockery and glass wear when going out to eat.

Brasserie Bar Co, which owns Raymond Blanc’s restaurants including Brasserie Blanc and White Brasserie Pubs, surveyed 12,825 people ahead of restaurants re opening post lockdown. The results aim to support the restaurant chain to ensure they don’t just make easy decisions, but the right decisions.

In response to the global pandemic, Brasserie Bar Co have continued to show support to the struggling industry with their group #BBKind. The group, which can be found on Facebook, is a supportive community with ideas for all who work in and enjoy the hospitality sector.

The team also created @poundsforpuds, a social media based pass-it-on initiative, raising money for Hospitality Action. The charity offers vital assistance to all who work or have worked within hospitality in the UK.

Raymond Blanc said, “The hospitality sector has been hit particularly hard and on both a personal and professional level, telling staff that we would have to close our doors indefinitely was very difficult indeed.

'It now feels like we’re starting to turn a corner with re-opening on the horizon. This survey shows a new confidence about eating out which feels promising. We’re looking forward to welcoming customers back safely, as soon as we can.”