Bun House & Wun’s Tea Room reopen & launch festive boxes

Z He and Alex Peffly have reopened their Hong-Kong inspired restaurants, London's Bun House and Wun’s Tea Room, and also launched Bun House’s steam-at-home Christmas Bun Box filled with six festively shaped sweet-filled buns.

With just a limited number hand made by the team, the boxes will be available to pre-order with London and nationwide delivery, sending a little festive cheer to anyone who might need it.

Known for its innovative seasonal takes on traditional Cantonese flavours and signature pillowy steamed buns, Bun House has reopened its Chinatown restaurant and pulled out all the stops this year with the limited-edition Christmas Bun Box of handcrafted steamed buns. Inside the box will be three coloured snowflake-topped buns joined by a rosy-cheeked snowman, a bauble-covered tree and a Christmas present. The buns will be filled with three flavours, the signature liquid-centre rich egg yolk custard, spiced gingerbread caramel and black sesame lava.

Alongside their festive offering, Bun House has also launched a range of steam at home frozen dumplings, available for delivery nationwide, perfect for those wanting a taste of the restaurant from home. From cult favourites including the pig, veg and spicy lamb buns (in packs of 6) to a selection of their classic dim sum made in-house such as har gau and shumai (pack of 12), each pack can be popped in the freezer and simply steamed when needed.

Wun’s Tea Room will once again open their doors, continuing to serve a menu capturing the spirit of 1960’s late night Hong Kong with nostalgic Cantonese dishes from Z’s childhood. For those wanting a taste of Wun’s at home, the restaurant also offers one of its most loved dishes, the Iberico Char Siu Pork, to make at home.

Delivered to doorsteps nationwide, the Char Siu can be cooked to perfection and then easily assembled within 25 minutes. The kit includes everything you need, with an impressive piece of Iberico Fatty Char Siu, fluffy blini buns, a house spiced sugar pack as well as detailed cooking instructions and feeds up to three people.

He and Peffly said, “As we welcome in the festive season, we wanted to create an amazing offering for everyone that brings a sense of Wun’s, Bun House and a little festive cheer into their home. It has been a rollercoaster of a year where we’ve seen the usually vibrant and bustling areas of the London, particularly where we are in Soho and Chinatown, become so quiet, so we’re excited to reopen and welcome people back through our doors to see out the year with a plate of dumplings.'