Home by Nico serves up second series & new vegan brand to launch

The team behind Six by Nico restaurants have launched the second series of Home by Nico, The Cheese Club and Chateau-X, as well as introducing Green Haus, a new version of their vegan brand, 24 Carrot, from January.

Each experience will launch on the e-commerce platform, HOME-X, which brings restaurant quality food and drink experiences to homes across the UK.

The latest menu by Home by Nico, launching today on the platform, will be influenced by French cuisine associated with the city of Burgundy, enabling home cooks around the UK to recreate a french style Six by Nico experience at home.

The four-course home experience includes: a starter of Jamon Persillé - Ham Hough with Parsley & Dijon Mustard with Persillade Sauce, followed by the main course of Beef Bourguignon with Roasted Shallot, Confit Garlic, Mushroom & Lardon, with sides of Pomme Boulangère and Saute Jerusalem Artichoke with Confit Garlic & Pistou.

The four-course menu is rounded-off with a dessert of Blackcurrant Charlotte Russe, Vanilla & Chablis creme Diplomat and Cassis Jelly & Savoiardi and finish with the Langres Petit cheese with Spiced Orchard Apple Chutney and Water Crackers. The team will also be including a bottle of red wine to share between two.

With a pledge to be more sustainable, more ethical, to cook with ingredients that relate to our planet and to create recipes that are healthier and cleaner, HOME-X is launching Green Haus, a new version of their vegan brand, from January 2021.

Green Haus: Winter Volume 2, will be cooking eight vegan dishes including Korean Gochujang Carrots with Edamame Bean, Hot & Sour Kimchi cabbage in a Sesame & Ginger dressing; Levantine Muhammara, Butterbean, Walnut & Basil salad with crisp breads; Chipotle Five Bean Estofado with Tomato, Roasted Scallion, Mint, Coriander & Lime Pistou.

Also included: Sweet Piquillo Pepper Tabbouleh with Toasted Farro, Olive Oil, Fennel & Lemon; Cantonese Vegetable Huo Fun with Rice noodle, Beansprout, Ginger & Soy; Goan Xacuti Masala, Smoked Potato, Spinach, Snow Pea & Kashmiri Chilli and Coconut Chutney; Salted Crispy Tofu with Fennel & Pineapple Salad, Szechuan Peppercorn & Tokyo Turnip.

To finish, there's Pumpkin & Orange Cake with Coconut Frosting, Blueberry & Tahitian Vanilla, and a bottle of vegan wine.

Green Haus: Winter Volume 2 will be available for delivery from 7 January and is available to purchase now.

Chateau-X is back in January with not only the timeless classic of Chateaubriand, but also the iconic limited edition of Surf & Turf to help create the ultimate night. Priced at £70 including a bottle of red wine and delivery. The menu will be available for delivery from 8th January and is available to purchase now.

Lastly, The Cheese Club will bring a new selection of five artisan cheeses (1KG), accompanied by crackers, chutney and paired with half a bottle of a rich sweet white port. The box will include the soft and mild Morbier, a creamy slice of Oxford Blue, Clara Ashed, Baron Bigod and the mature, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese. Ideal for gifting or for a January night at home, The Cheese Club is priced at £50 including delivery. The new selection will be available for delivery from 7th January and is available to purchase now.

Home by Nico 'Cooking Burgundy, France,’ Green-Haus: Winter Volume 2, The Cheese Club and Chateau-X is available to pre - order now, exclusively from HOME-X. First available delivery date is January 5th with orders available until January 31st. HOME-X experiences can be ordered up to 12 months in advance, however the ever-changing monthly themed menus will be announced at the beginning of every month on the HOME-X platform.

All January HOME-X experiences are available to order now.