Wun’s Team Room & Bar to launch new Hong Kong brunch

This Saturday 18 September, the 1960’s Hong Kong-inspired Wun’s Team Room & Bar in London's Soho will launch its all new weekend brunch menu, available from 11am-3:30pm every weekend.

The brunch menu is based on the dishes of Hong Kong’s ‘Cha Chaan Teng’, or ‘tea canteen’ dishes, a style of cooking which fuses together Chinese and European cuisine.

Founder Z He’s menu has been inspired by the flavours of her childhood and also uses techniques and ingredients that she has picked up from living and travelling abroad, adding her own unique take on traditional cantonese comfort food.

Wun’s menu includes its signature devilled mackerel egg, served in a classic 60’s style; hard boiled, filled with a rich whipped mackerel and egg yolk centre and topped with finely chopped chives. Its Sichuan Pepper Rosti of crispy grated potatoes and special Sichuan seasoning will also be on offer, alongside a mackerel glass noodle kedgeree, a dish which pays homage to a myriad of cultures whilst grounding itself in Hong Kong with its distinct cantonese flavour.

For those with a sweet tooth, Wun’s has riffed off a disappearing Cantonese specialty, Fried Milk, which involves deep frying a creamy milk custard in a coat of crispy golden batter, to reinvent it into fried milk tea.

Z will also be reinventing her favourite brunch staple, Hong Kong style French Toast; traditionally stuffed with jam, Z will replace this with peanut butter and cheese to offer a savoury spin on the Cantonese classic.

Other dishes include the Soy Spa Egg and Kaya Butter Toast, where a coconutty kaya jam and a thick piece of cold butter is sandwiched between crispy toast and served alongside a runny spa egg marinated in soy for dipping; and of course, Wun’s signature spiced sugar Char Siu Iberico Pork Silk Scramble, served with claypot fried rice.

For those needing a real wake up call, an exclusive list of brunch cocktails will be on offer, with the Wun’s take on the traditional Bloody Mary, the Sichuan Jungle Mary, taking centre stage; a punchy mix of tomato juice and Sichuan peppercorns, notorious for their spicy and aromatic flavours.

For anyone who over-indulged on cocktails the previous evening, there will be a homemade Sour Plum Ice Tea available to sip on, as well as a Cantonese favourite, Hong Kong-style Iced Milk Tea, made with sweetened condensed milk and traditional ceylon tea leaves.

Z He said, “We’re so excited to relaunch our exciting brunch menu and have had so much fun reinventing classic dishes with the flavours of Hong Kong!

'At Wun’s we always experiment in our kitchens to develop new and interesting dishes that are rooted in Cantonese cuisine but push the boundaries when it comes to flavour combinations - and we think our brunch menu does just that!”