Soho restaurant offers taxi fare cover for guests during RMT strikes

Park Row, the DC comic/film-inspired Soho restaurant, will encourage guests to head into London despite the impending RMT strikes by offering to cover their inbound taxi fares up to £30 per person.

Guests will show their taxi receipt to receive the deduction from their bill. It comes as the RMT union announce it will 'shut down' the country’s railway network on 21, 23 and 25 June after talks over pay and redundancies fell through.

Founder James Bulmer commented, “Despite the pandemic bringing hospitality to its knees, we are faced with yet another challenge and one that causes a huge loss of covers, hitting businesses hard.

'As much as Londoners have learnt how to deal with the strikes, many companies will no doubt offer their employees to work from home. By covering in the most part taxi fares for our guests we’re trying to turn a negative into a positive.”

Park Row serves up steaks, caviar and seafood, plus wine, cocktails and live music.