New St John restaurant to open in Marylebone this September

Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver (pictured) will open St John Marylebone this September - an all-day, wine-led space serving the excellent food and wine synonymous with St John.

In the morning, diners will find delights from St John s own bakery in Bermondsey - doughnuts are paired with Champagne.

For luncheon, a selection of small plates will appear on the daily-changing blackboard, a glorious nod to both the bar menu at St John Smithfield and the sharing-style of Bread and Wine.

The menu rolls into dinner with additional specials to reflect the bounty from suppliers and the rhythms of the service.

Throughout the day St John’s beloved wines will be celebrated and emphasised.

Trevor noted, 'Inspired by the bars of Paris and Florence, which are all things to all people at all moments through every day - coffee and wine, tartines and three-course meals, babies and bankers.

'Each St John sings with its own voice, dictated by the environment and community in which it finds itself. This new addition to the family will provide a rolling feast of many parts, with ample good wine as you would expect”.