Blacklock opens in Soho offering top chops

Blacklock has opened in London's Soho offering charcoal grilled skinny top-quality beef, pork, lamb and veal chops.

The chops are cooked on a homemade charcoal grill before being seared with hot irons, made in the 1800s by a Deep South foundry named Blacklock - providing a crispy exterior while leaving a pink, juicy middle.

Created by Gordon Ker, the former Hawksmoor veteran, who was inspired by everything from Joe Beef in Montreal, roadside shacks in Portugal and the US, to the Turkish Ocakbasis off the Kingsland Road.

The individual chops start from £4.50 with stacks from £12.50, served on charcoal grilled bread to soak up the meat juices. Sides include seasonal British veg which will include grilled courgettes, chicory and stilton, barbequed baby gems and 12 hour ash-roasted sweet potatoes

Wine is exclusively on tap from Roberson Wines and a roaming cocktail trolley serves cocktails for £5.00, including a Nettle Gimlet and Grandma's Spiked Lemonade.