Heineken announces major group reorganisation

Heineken today announced that in order to accelerate the delivery of its global strategy it will make changes to its operating model and ways of working.

The changes will allow the business to better focus on growth opportunities, to be more agile in responding to consumer needs in the marketplace and be more cost effective in doing so.

The existing regions of Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe will be united to form a single Europe region, focused primarily on the European Union markets. Stefan Orlowski, President Americas, will lead this region.

The Head Office organisation, both functional and regional will be streamlined. The roles of Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer will be combined at a global level in one Chief Commercial Officer role.

CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer said, 'The changes announced today will make us a more agile organisation. Our management structure will be flatter, our operating companies more empowered and our cost of doing business lower.'

The new structure will be operational from 1 July 2015 with Heineken's first half performance for 2015 reported under the existing regional structure on 3 August.