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North Lakes Hotel & Spa makes honey for kitchen & beer brewing

There’s a new buzz around North Lakes Hotel & Spa, as staff do their bit to support the bee population.

Four hives have been introduced and colonies are already producing honey, which the hotel hopes to use in food and beer brewing in the near future. The hotel is creating a wildflower meadow on a reclaimed pond that will be perfect for their new additions to thrive in.

It’s been inspired by beautiful fields in France, spotted by General Manager Antony Penny whilst on holiday. He commented, “The plans look fantastic – the meadow will be a great addition to the hotel and an unexpected find for anyone visiting.

“We’ll be creating a path to it so guests can enjoy it. We’re just getting everything planted so it’ll be a little while before it’s ready but the bees are certainly making themselves at home. They’ve created quite the buzz around the place!”

Looking after the bees will be Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator, Andrew Mulgrew, who recently completed a beekeeper’s course. He said, “There’s so much to it but it’s all really interesting. I’m really enjoying it.”

He has calculated the bees could make around 120kg of honey a year – and with a talented kitchen team and award winning brewers on hand, there’s no end of scope for what that could be used for in the future.

Mulgrew added, “There’s lots we could do but it would be great if we could use this in our own products – not only the honey in our food and drink but also the bees wax which could be used by our spa in some of their treatments. And of course we’ll be doing our bit to help the declining bee population too.”