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Wimpy reveals comeback plans

Fast casual dining group, Wimpy is set to make its mark on the UK's high streets as it plans an expansion.

Launched over 60 years ago, the burger chain, which serves its burgers on china plates with proper cutlery, was knocked back by the arrival in the UK of McDonald’s in 1974, and 500 Wimpy sites nationwide declined to 80.

However, the company is set to grow once again as a Wimpy spokeswoman told Daily Star Online, “We do have some exciting new plans in terms of continued expansion and an investment programme.”

Another spokeswoman for Wimpy added, “We do have many exciting plans under development behind the scenes. But these won’t be for public consumption until February – May 2018.”

Founded in 1934 in Chicago, Wimpy grew internationally in the 1950s to reach 1,500 locations in across the globe offering a wide range of burgers, a breakfast menu, and coffee.

Originally named the ‘Wimpy Bar’ in 1954, Wimpy UK began at the Lyon’s Corner House in Coventry Street, London.