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BaxterStorey celebrates Veganuary with new dishes

BaxterStorey launched Healthy Me in 2016 to promote wellness in the workplace with a range of nutritious, yet simple and delicious recipes. This month has seen 20 new dishes created and shared with hundreds of workplaces, including a number of vegan and vegetarian recipes for those pledging to go vegan this January.

Gabriella Roberts, Head of Nutrition at BaxterStorey, said, “We have seen a significant rise in people following vegetarian and vegan diets as people are becoming more conscious nutrition and sustainable eating.

'As a result, we have been developing a range of dishes that are focussed on using less meat and more plants. Our intention is to change people’s perception on meat; to not over-rely on it as a source of protein and to instead make grains and vegetables the stars of the plate.”

The new recipes focus on plant based ingredients designed to release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer.

The new dishes cater for every taste. For those wanting a big flavour hit; Cuban Quinoa with Sweet Potato, Black Beans and Mango, or Red Quinoa and Ratatouille with a Chimichurri Dressing are favourites.

Customers craving a more familiar and comforting flavour can enjoy Three Bean Mexican Chilli with Sweet Potato Wedges. For those wanting to increase their fruit and veg intake, there is also a new selection of fresh juice recipes incorporating nutrient rich ingredients such as beetroot, spinach, turmeric and chia seeds.

Roberts continueed. “Healthy Me is a programme founded on evidence based nutrition, health and wellness information. We aim to educate and engage with customers so they feel more confident in making better and more informed food choices, bringing things back to basics and help to dispel any nutrition myths that often leave people confused.”