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BrewDog extends hugely successful international Bad Beer Amnesty

ndependent Scottish brewery, BrewDog has announced an extension to its international 'Bad Beer Amnesty', which will now end on Sunday 16th September.

After the huge success of yesterday's launch, the brewer is giving drinkers the opportunity to swap any mainstream lager for a pint of its new headliner beer, Lost Lager, for a further 4 days.

BrewDog bars have a designated ‘Bad Beer Bin’ where visitors can dump their unwanted cans of beer in exchange for a pint of the brewery’s latest lager.

The initiative to get drinkers to upgrade their lagers will be available in all BrewDog’s UK bars, as well as its Berlin and Brussels bars in mainland Europe.

BrewDog will be accepting cans from midday to closing time on 12th September 2018 in all participating bars. Each person who swaps a can of ‘bad beer’ will be entitled to one free pint of Lost Lager.

Lost Lager will also be available to buy at BrewDog.com/shop in 330ml cans or bottles from today. The beer is also being stocked by Tesco and Booker nationwide from today, in 330ml bottles, 330ml cans, and 660ml bottles.

The beer collected during the amnesty will be recycled by staff, with some being donated to the University of Bristol and used to create biofuel.