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Mindful Chef reaches one million school meal donations

Mindful Chef – the first and only recipe box in the UK to adopt the ‘one for one’ model – is proud to announce they have now reached their goal donating one million school meals to children living in poverty.

Partnering with inspiring charity One Feeds Two, the leading recipe box company currently donates a school meal to a child living in poverty for each meal sold. Since launching the initiative in 2017, the brand has donated enough meals to feed 5,000 children through an entire academic year.

Through the partnership Mindful Chef has also had a positive impact on local farming families, by supporting programmes that use locally grown food. The regular school meals in turn benefit children by allowing them to attend school rather than work, scavenge or beg for food. The meals also enable them to concentrate in class and to fuel their play.

Later this year, the co-founders of Mindful Chef are planning to visit the school feeding programmes in Malawi to see the impact of their donations to date. During their time in the country, Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries will be seeing the school meals being prepared and served and also see the impact of the school feeding programme on the lives of the children, their families and the local community. The team will be spending two to three days in the country.

Tim Lee, CEO of Mindful Chef added, “Working with One Feeds Two is an effective way of using our business to help children in need. Around the world 61 million children miss out on primary school every day due to hunger and we want to make sure that are helping as a business in some way.

'We’re really proud of the Mindful Chef community who have helped us to donate one million school meals so far. We encourage other British Food brands to join the One Feeds Two movement in making a tangible impact on the issue of child hunger.”