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Pret expands frozen Pret-at-home range with croissants & smoothies

Pret A Manger has expanded its Pret-at-home range by unveiling more frozen Pret favourites to make and enjoy at home.

Available to purchase from Tesco supermarkets nationwide, the latest launch includes Almond Croissants, Sweet Greens Smoothie and Berries & Cherries Smoothie.

The launches continue Pret’s expansion into consumer-packaged goods as part of the business’ transformation plan to bring Pret to more people.

The Almond Croissants and Smoothies will join Pret's Chocolate, Butter, and Vegan croissants in Tesco stores, as well as its granolas and coffee range. Pret-at-home products are also available with other leading retailers.

Following the launch of first frozen croissants range, customers have been demanding an at-home Almond Croissant, another customer favourite. Coming in a pack of 4, the Almond Croissant has a rich almond filling and is topped off with chopped almonds. They will be available from over 350 Tesco stores nationwide and bake for 16 mins at 190C.

Alongside the Almond Croissant, Pret is further expanding its frozen retail range by releasing two of their shops’ beloved smoothie flavours – Berries & Cherries and Sweet Greens – into over 600 Tesco shops. Both smoothie ranges come with five portions of pre frozen fruit per bag, along with directions on how to blend to re-create your favourite Pret smoothies at home.

Sweet and tangy, the Berries & Cherries smoothie mix is a beautiful blend made up of Vitamin C frozen fruits including strawberries, mango, cherries, banana, raspberries, and blackcurrants. Customers can blend 80g of the smoothie mix (one serving size in each packet) with 120ml of apple juice for thirty seconds to recreate Pret Smoothies the Barista way to enjoy at home.

The Vitamin C-packed Sweet Greens Smoothie mix is a generous blend of frozen spinach, mango, kale, avocado, ginger and lemon zest to give it a citrusy, refreshing taste. By adding in 250ml of apple juice customers can enjoy the smoothie on the go after blending for 30 seconds like a Pret Barista or, if customers are looking to create a smoothie bowl to enjoy alongside Pret’s granola range, they can use less apple juice to create a thicker smoothie base to then top with Pret granola.

Guy Meakin, Interim UK Managing Director, noted, “Last year we launched our first ever frozen croissants range with customers calling them “game-changing” and the initial sales exceeding targets. After much success, we decided to expand our frozen offering to include our beloved Almond Croissants, made famous in our shops.

“We’ve been on a mission to bring Pret to more people. We have launched Pret coffee and croissants in supermarkets across the UK and now we are expanding the range to include our Barista-made smoothies to blend at home alongside our expanding Pret Express counters making it easier to get our coffees on the go.”