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Floral by Lima restaurant to relaunch as Lima Cantina

The team behind Peruvian restaurant Floral by Lima in London are to relaunch it as a new concept focused on rotisserie chicken.

Lima Cantina is set to replace both the current restaurant space and the Lost Alpaca bar in Covent Garden this coming September. This transition will entail a comprehensive overhaul of the kitchen and an exciting transformation of the menu, emphasizing a genuine Peruvian dining experience through an array of shared plates.

At the heart of the menu will be the Pollo a La Brasa, a captivating dish featuring a whole chicken prepared in a Peruvian charcoal rotisserie oven known as a 'rotombo.' This unique cooking method allows the infusion of smoky flavours directly into the meat. The chicken will be marinated with a medley of authentic Peruvian herbs and spices and served with a delectable accompaniment of aji amarillo (sweet yellow chili pepper) and huacatay (black mint) sauce.

The expanded menu will encompass a diverse array of offerings, including sea bream ceviche and prawn causa nigiri. A noteworthy addition is the introduction of a charcoal grill section, featuring tantalizing dishes like aji panca (Peruvian red pepper) barbecue pork ribs.

Floral by Lima, inaugurated in 2014, shares its lineage with Lima London, which clinched a coveted Michelin star in 2013. However, this prestigious award was relinquished in 2018 following a transition from the a la carte menu format to an emphasis on sharing plates.

The Lima group was co-founded by the accomplished Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez along with Gabriel and Joes Luis Gonzalez, reflecting a commitment to showcasing the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Peru.