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L’Atelier Robuchon London opening next month in Mayfair

The Joël Robuchon International group will relaunch its Mayfair restaurant as L’Atelier Robuchon London on Friday 15th September.

The relaunch of L’Atelier Robuchon London is being led by Executive Chef Andrea Cofini, a member of the Robuchon brand since 2014, having served at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris and more recently at Robuchon Shanghai. Collaborating closely with Group Executive Chef David Alves, Cofini has worked to ensure that L’Atelier Robuchon London maintains the group's exceptional standards.

The menu at L’Atelier Robuchon London will pay homage to some of the iconic Robuchon classics, including the renowned Purée de Pomme de Terre (often hailed as the world's best mashed potatoes), Sea Bream Carpaccio dressed with lemon and chive, and Quail with Foie Gras. These dishes draw upon the exceptional supply chain that contributed to the group's initial success. While preserving the legacy, Chef Cofini adds his own touch through innovative and contemporary additions, infused with Asian flavours from his global experiences.

The restaurant embraces Robuchon's steadfast commitment to ingredient provenance and quality. Legacy suppliers with decades-long partnerships continue to provide ingredients to all Robuchon restaurants worldwide.

A beloved feature returning to the restaurant is the dessert trolley, presenting an array of freshly prepared sweets, including á la minute Madeleines and expertly crafted patisserie classics. Additionally, L’Atelier will introduce a dedicated cheese trolley, rotating daily and showcasing premier southern French and Italian cheeses.

Upon entering the elegant space of L’Atelier, guests are greeted by a newly established bar area, leading to the open restaurant accommodating 74 diners. A hallmark feature, the marble countertop places the chefs at centre stage, a signature element from the original Joël Robuchon restaurants where the open kitchen concept was pioneered. The colour palette reflects the Covent Garden L’Atelier with updated red and black accents, tailored to suit the new locale. Warm lighting and plush scarlet seating create an inviting ambiance for all-day dining, ranging from leisurely lunches to celebratory dinners, and evenings in the bar accompanied by live music.

Head Sommelier Neomie Favrat has curated a remarkable wine list, emphasizing French and old world selections to complement the classical flavours of the cuisine. The Champagne list, largely comprised of small producers, offers rare options like Chartogne-Taillet, Egly-Ouriet, and Emmanuel Brochet. L’Atelier is one of the few London restaurants to serve Petrus on Coravin, enabling guests to enjoy this exceptional wine by the glass.

The revamped L’Atelier places a spotlight on its stellar bar menu, incorporating elements from the kitchen and introducing a new live music program. Renaud De Bosredon Combrailles, formerly of Louie in Covent Garden, has crafted an innovative cocktail menu featuring inventive flavours like tomato and basil-infused Campari, hay sake, and vodka infused with pastry from Robuchon’s Boulangerie in Acton. Notably, non-alcoholic options have been thoughtfully integrated into the menu.

To enhance its evening allure, L’Atelier will showcase rotating DJs and live musicians, creating an ideal ambience for the bar area.

The bar at L’Atelier will be open until midnight from Monday to Saturday and until 11:30 pm on Sundays.