Naked Wines hits key milestone of record £100m in sales

Majestic Wine has announced that Naked Wines, the online crowd-funding platform, has successfully hit a key milestone of a record £100m in sales since 31 March 2015, the start of the current financial year.

The company's drive to provide its 'angel' customers with exclusive direct access to independent winemakers through divisions in the UK, USA and Australia has resulted in over 300,000 'mature' angels - who have been customers for over four months - supporting more than 100 independent winemakers in 14 countries.

Reaching this key target highlights the continued success that Naked Wines has demonstrated since its launch in 2008 by focusing on its online social distribution model to deliver service, quality and authenticity to customers passionate about wine. Naked Wines' customers get access to exclusive deals whilst ensuring that winemakers get the investment, support and feedback to grow and improve their businesses and wines.

Achieving £100m sales is in line with market expectations for Naked Wines for the financial year ending 28 March 2016.

Chief Executive Rowan Gormley commented, 'Hitting this latest milestone proves once again that crowd-funded, social wine distribution can deliver brilliant outcomes for all our stakeholders at the same time - from those who pick the grapes to those who discover and drink our wines.

'We'd like to thank our angels for being part of the Naked Wines' journey so far and supporting independent winemakers whilst discovering some fantastic wines.

'We will continue to invest in Naked Wines and remain very excited about the opportunities ahead for the whole Group.'