CEDA members optimistic for next quarter

CEDA, the premier trade association representing the most professional Catering Equipment Distributors and Service companies in the UK, has revealed the results of its latest Confidence Survey.

Despite some reflections of global economic uncertainty in the UK economy and the impact of the UK’s forthcoming EU referendum, more than 53% of CEDA members who took part in its latest survey suggested that they expected the next sales quarter to July to be better that the previous three months.

Adam Mason (pictured), CEDA director general, commented, “Our latest survey suggests that a majority of CEDA members have built up a good level of business resilience and are ready to ride any potential business and economic upsets with strong sales pipelines.

'We are working hard to support them with a range of business benefits which will grow following the launch of CEDA’s strategic plan at our conference.'

The positive views are also reflected in anticipated enquiries from the public sector for CEDA members with over 21% saying they expect the next quarter to better than the last.