Kudos chefs inspired by vegetarian & vegan food possibilities

Award-winning contract caterer, Kudos has sent their chefs to vegetarian and vegan food distributer, Vegetarian Express for a tour of the Watford based factory, followed by an inspiring training session in vegetarian cuisine from Paul Gayler MBE.

The training comes as part of the caterer’s strategy of reducing the amount of meat on their menus by adding exciting salads, green accompaniments and side dishes to support clients in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The move to reduce the amount of meat aligns with Kudos’ environmentally conscious and ethical ethos.

The caterer has reported that it has seen a trend of clients being more inclined to choose vegetarian dishes as a main option rather than an alternative to meat and fish, which in turn has encouraged KUDOS to expand their vegetarian menu collection to accommodate this growing trend.

The tour, led by Vegetarian Express Managing Director, William Matier included several Kudos chefs from various venues from around the country accompanied by KUDOS Food Director, David Cavalier, who drives KUDOS’ values of using locally sourced ingredients to showcase ‘the best of British’ by training chefs with Michelin star winning techniques and sharing his invaluable experience and wisdom.

Kudos’ chefs were able explore the wide range of vegan and vegetarian products available to them, while learning key information about less readily available ingredients, inspiring the chefs to enhance their menus with exciting dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Vegetarian Express’ Food Consultant, Paul Gayler MBE finished the tour with a demonstration of how to create sophisticated vegetarian dishes using high quality ingredients while taking part in a joint Q&A session with David Cavalier.

Peter Bruun, Managing Partner of Kudos commented on the recent training scheme, “We’re extremely proud to have our team learn from an enthusiastic, passionate, vegetarian chef like Paul Gayler.”

Bruun continued, “Not only do we want to inspire our customers to lead a healthy life style by showing that healthy food isn’t all about cabbage and lettuce. It’s also vital for us that as a large company, we remain true to our commitment of caring for the environment by playing a role in contributing to our industry reducing harmful greenhouse emissions caused by animal agriculture.”