Heineken’s takeover of Punch Taverns pubs receives approval

Heineken has received the official go-ahead for its takeover of part of Punch Taverns pubs, as reported by the Telegraph.

After Heineken’s initial offer the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had opened an investigation in June into this takeover. Through their investigation they have found that the takeover of part of the Punch pubs could reduce competition in 33 areas across the UK.

As such, Heineken offered to sell dozens of Punch Taverns pubs to resolve this concern. With this new proposition from Heineken, the CMA considered that their concerns have been addressed.

Therefore, the CMA decided to accept Heinekens proposals and agreed not to launch an in-depth investigation into the deal. Thus, Heineken have received the green light to go ahead with the takeover of part of Punch Taverns.