World’s first Domi-Cart delivers new Pizza Legend from Ireland’s latest store

Domino’s, the nation’s favourite pizza, teamed up with TodayFM radio presenter Dave Moore to celebrate its new store opening in Portmarnock. The DJ swapped decks for dough to surprise superfans with a very special delivery by golf buggy – the ‘Domi-Cart’.

To mark the stores’ arrival, Dave created his very own Pizza Legend – the Martello Tasty – named after the village’s famous defence landmark, the Martello Tower. The freshly handmade to order pizza is topped with pepperoni and jalapeño peppers on a Domino’s classic crust.

As Portmarnock is famed for its stunning golf courses, Dave delivered the Martello Tasty to superfans in the world’s first pizza delivery via a golf buggy aptly named the ‘Domi-Cart’. The latest edition to the Domino’s fleet, the Domi-Cart can reach a breakneck speed of 17mph and will carry up to four piping hot pizzas..

Celebrity local Dave resides in the village and is thrilled to welcome the new store into his hometown. Dave commented: “The Domi-Cart is a great way of paying homage to Portmarnock’s love of golf. It was an honour to work with such a talented crew to create my own Martello Tasty – hopefully we’ve delivered a hole in one with this new pizza recipe!”

Fellow Portmarnock resident and superfan Tim O’Callaghan got the ‘biggest surprise’ when he ordered a pizza: “I’ve been a big follower of Dave’s for years and I love Domino’s, so combining the two really made my week! The Domi-Cart is brilliant and the locals are going to love it. It’s great to have Domino’s in Portmarnock and I’m excited to be part of this extraordinary delivery.”

Joshua Speers, a spokesperson for Domino’s, said: “We’re super proud to launch the Domi-Cart in Portmarnock and look forward to welcoming customers into the new store. I’m sure Dave’s Pizza Legend will be an equally big hit in the community.”