Kudos Delivered wins deal with Greater Anglia Academy

Kudos Delivered has won a new three year deal with Greater Anglia Academy, catering for all staff training courses for the railway company in Stratford, in the heart of East London.

Kudos Delivered has started to provide a specialist delivered-in service, to around 25 training sessions per week serving around 250 staff. Additionally, there will also be catering for larger conferences.

All food is being prepared in their production kitchen less than 5 miles away, allowing Kudos Delivered to keep to low emissions whilst providing one efficient transport system to another, by delivering freshly made food directly from the kitchen to the door at Greater Anglia, via a flexible ordering system keeping everything on track.

Emily Swain, Learning and Development Coordinator at Greater Anglia, said, “We are so excited to have Kudos Delivered on board at Greater Anglia, they have provided a fresh approach to food at our training academy.

'Every delegate is now excited to come here not only for their course but for the food as well! We look forward to having a long lasting partnership with them and can’t thank them enough for the service they have already provided in the first two weeks of our contract.”

Matthew Herter, Chief Executive at Kudos, said “We understand the nature of Greater Anglia’s busy training academy and know that when it comes to catering, it requires a simple and efficient process with added flexibility, which allows for last minute orders.

'We are in a great position to deal with such requests in this environment and can confidently deliver what’s required for Greater Anglia.”