Purezza to open vegan cheese factory

The UK's first plant-based pizzeria, Purezza has taken part in Pitch + Plant - an investment event for plant-based businesses run by Vevolution and Bran Investments - and come away with £35k.

The new funds will be put towards the company's new concept - the Purezza cheese factory. Plant-based, allergen-free, completely natural mozzarella that rivals traditional dairy will be produced and it's the very same cheese that makes the brand's plant-based pizzas so unique.

Co-founders Tim Barclay and Stefania Evangelisti (pictured) have spent over two years developing the brand's mozzarella in its laboratory using a Italian brown rice. Nothing less than a similar comparison to traditional mozzarella would have been enough.

The company claims that the cheese is not only tastier than traditional mozzarella, it’s also less than half the calories and fat. And it doesn't just stop at mozzarella, it also creates raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta-style cheese, and a creamy coconut cheese.

The pizzeria's menu showcases a range of vegan sourdough pizzas, gluten-free food, salad bowls, raw dishes, pasta and desserts.

Founded in November 2015, and now with two sites in London and Brighton, Purezza will be continuing to raise funds over the coming weeks.