Deltic Group introduces industry-first AI Chatbot

The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator of premium late night bars and clubs with 55 venues across the UK, has introduced a state-of-the-art chatbot to better service its customers.

A first for the late night industry, the chatbot’s artificial intelligence (AI) enables it to act as a virtual assistant, helping customers to plan their perfect night out.

The cutting-edge AI technology will manage and respond to the 250,000+ messages per year that Deltic’s venues receive through their social media channels, within a matter of minutes of being submitted.

Not only will it allow customers to interact with their chosen venue in real time, and get the information they need on demand, but it will also help Deltic in converting potential customers to bookings. The chatbot will continue to learn over time, becoming more intuitive and effective as it has more interaction with customers.

Deltic’s investment in AI technology is part of a broader commitment to continually adapting to meet its target market’s changing behaviours and needs.

Tim Howard, Marketing Director, commented, “In recent years social media has become more and more prevalent in our customers’ lives, and they expect to be able to use it to interact with brands as well as friends.

“We now receive more than 250,000 messages a year through Facebook Messenger alone – from people asking what’s on, to what the dress code is. Whilst we do all we can to respond to each one, the chatbot allows us to do that more quickly and efficiently.

'For us, it is about putting the customer front and centre, and engaging with them in a language, tone of voice and channel that they can relate to. I’m very excited to see where this could take us.”

The chatbot was created using IBM Watson Assistant and will be rolled out across Deltic’s estate.