Pret jumps on iced coffee trend with Friday Freeze give away

Pret A Manger is known for its random acts of kindness, whereby Team Members are empowered to surprise customers with complimentary hot drinks and treats.

The company will be taking this one step further this Friday 17 August with Friday Freeze, giving away thousands of organic iced coffees to customers between 3pm-4pm.

Pret’s Baristas are serving Iced Americanos and Iced Lattes in shops this summer, with a variety of organic milk options available, including soya and rice-coconut.

Clare Clough, Pret’s Food & Coffee Director, commented, “In the US, Pret customers make the switch from hot to iced coffee as soon as the sun comes out. Over the last year, we’ve noticed interest growing in the UK, so we’ve introduced the offer to over 200 shops.

“When enjoyed over ice, the flavour profile changes; the sweetness and acidity of our organic coffee is more noticeable, and adding milk creates a sweeter, creamier coffee.”

Pret’s iced coffees are served in a recyclable plastic cup with a paper straw. The company is removing plastic straws, plastic tea spoons and hot drink stoppers from shops this summer, and rolling out compostable cutlery to all UK shops next year.

Customers who bring in a reusable cup are able to enjoy 50p off any Barista-prepared drink – including all iced beverages. To make it even easier for customers to save 50p, and a paper cup, Pret has launched its own reusable cup.