Rhythm108 launches award-winning chocolate bars in Sainsbury’s Local stores

Rhythm108, the creator of indulgent chocolate bars, biscuits and dessert bars using only wholesome and natural ingredients, has just launched in 415 Sainsbury’s Local stores nationwide.

The products just hitting the shelves are the award-winning Sweet ‘N’ Salty Almond and Hazelnut Praline Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bars.

This announcement follows a roll-out of both bars, with the addition of their Super Coconut Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar in the Free-From section of over 182 Sainsbury’s across the nation in March, which has now increased to 306 locations after their huge success in stores.

Founder of Rhythm108, Siddhi Mehta commented, 'Along with free-from, consumers are now reading ingredient lists carefully looking out for natural ingredients they recognise. Our Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bars deliver on all attributes - and are unique because they taste just as good as the conventional products you already know and love.

“This means consumers do not have to compromise, which was an important factor for us when making this line successful and we're very pleased to have secured further rollout with J.Sainsbury's, due to the success of the products in existing stores.' She continues.

Rhythm108’s Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bars are made with the finest Swiss chocolate and wholesome superfood fillings including almond, quinoa and coconut and contain 45% less sugar than comparable bars. The firm caps the natural sugar levels in each bar to 8g without ever compromising on taste or quality.

The company has wone a Great Taste Star award for both its Oh-la-la Coconut Cookie and Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar. The judges commented that the Deeelicious bar was “an innovation that is incredibly creamy for a dairy-free chocolate product”.

Created out of a need for healthy yet indulgent treats, Rhythm108 perfectly encapsulates the wants and needs of the modern consumer. Targeting those that are passionate about delicious food; especially sweet treats but are also passionate about eating nutritionally balanced and simple foods - done well.