Ei Managed Investments announces Vixen Pubs launch

Ei Managed Investments, the Ei Group business which invests alongside industry-leading managed house operators, has today announced the launch of Vixen Pubs, a partnership with Helen Standing and Elizabeth Davies.

Vixen Pubs will offer great food and smart accommodation. The first two sites, The New Inn Hotel in Clapham (pictured), near Settle, Lancaster, and the Wheatsheaf, Corbridge, Northumberland, will be opening shortly. Future sites will also be based in the North of England.

Helen Standing has worked with and developed Craft Union, an Ei Group Managed Operations business, from its conception in 2015. Standing said, “Having worked closely with Craft Union, I’m delighted to be partnering with Ei Group’s Managed Investments business. I look forward to opening our first two sites and growing Vixen Pubs in the North of England.”

Nathan Wall, Operations Director for Ei Managed Investments, added, “We’re thrilled to be working directly with Helen and Elizabeth, drawing on their experience from many successful years in the pub industry, where they have been instrumental in creating great pub businesses.”

Managed Investments has grown rapidly since its launch in May 2015. Vixen Pubs will be Ei Managed Investments’ 11th Managed Investments partner as the business continues to work with industry-leading managed house operators and benefit from their individual retail capabilities.

Other expert partners include Rupert Clevely, with Hippo Inns, Karen Jones, with Frontier Pubs, and Nick Pring and Malcolm Heap, with Urban Pubs and Bars Two.