Ei Group trials range of new energy-saving initiatives

Ei Group, the UK’s largest pub company, is currently undertaking trials of a number of new energy-saving projects as it looks to help publicans enhance their environmental credentials and reduce business costs.

At a commercial level, updating older buildings with new, more efficient technology can help reduce the amount of electricity required to power a business. Ei Group is in discussions with a select group of suppliers across the areas of cellar management, refrigeration and cooling systems, water saving systems and voltage optimisation technology.

Trials are already underway in a number of Bermondsey Pub Company and Craft Union Pub Company sites, part of Ei Managed Operations, to assess their effectiveness and cost-saving potential. For example, in the cellar, Ei Group is looking at technology that automatically controls the main cellar cooler, by switching it off and on as required.

Following the conclusion of the trials and subject to successful results, the energy-saving packages will then be rolled out to publicans across the Ei Publican Partnerships estate.

Paul Harbottle, Group Commercial Director at Ei Group, said, “Buildings that operate more efficiently have a reduced energy demand. That means lower operating costs and greater profitability for our publicans. It also leads to a reduced carbon footprint and improved environmental performance, something we know is hugely important in today’s world.

“As a business, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our sustainability credentials and improving the energy efficiency of the thousands of pubs that we own is a key focus for us. Much of the money spent on energy is wasted through the use of inefficient appliances or systems, so by utilising this new technology we hope to reduce costs and become a greener business.”