Dairy UK launches first ever cheese & drinks pairing app

Today sees the launch of a new cheese pairing app, the first of its kind to pair British cheeses with different whisky and port recommendations. The app is the creation of Trade Association Dairy UK, featuring British cheeses from its member companies.

The new app provides cheese lovers with expert recommendations on pairing British cheeses with different varieties of whisky or port for the perfect Christmas cheeseboard combinations.

The app has nearly 50 varieties of cheese to choose from, along with top cheeseboard tips and inspirations. Users can also learn about the flavour profiles of different types of Whisky or Ports and discover which flavour combinations tickle their taste buds.

Initially launching with whisky and port pairings, the app will be expanded in 2019 to include other recommendations including wine, beer and even other spirits such as Gin or Vodka.

The app is free to download, with users able to set up a profile to save their favourite pairings and products for quick reference in the future.

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said, “A cheeseboard is a must over the festive season, so we could think of no better time to launch our unique Cheese Pairing app to help consumers make their cheeseboard matches that little bit more special.

“Our innovative and fun app is the first of its kind to pair cheese with whiskies. We can often forget just how versatile British cheeses are and that they make great pairings not just with wine, but a whole range of other drinks.”

The app can be found and downloaded from app stores - just search ‘Cheese Pairing’, or alternatively visit: www.cheesepairing.co.uk.