Tom’s Kitchen & social media influencer battle for Detox vs Retox menu

Starting tomorrow, Tom’s Kitchen and social media influencer KS Ate Here, will be going head to head with the ultimate Detox vs Retox menu, available throughout the rest of January.

Founded by renowned chef Tom Aikens, Tom’s Kitchen has worked closely with KS to create two dishes that are polar opposites, whilst also both using fresh ingredients and unique flavour combinations.

For those in need of a health kick after an indulgent Christmas, Tom’s Kitchen has created a delicious Cured Salmon Tartare with crushed avocado, pickled black radish and a sesame soy ponzu dressing. The dish is ideal for diners looking for a light lunch or dinner after a month or two of pure indulgence.

In contrast, KS’s contribution is an incredibly indulgent Raclette Cheeseburger with a side of chicken dripping fries. Sandwiched between a red pepper brioche bun is a chargrilled beef patty, raclette cheese, Marmite onion relish and spiced onion rings alongside triple cooked chips sprinkled with house-made chicken salt – perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to let go of the festive feasting!

Available for lunch and dinner at Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea, these delicious dishes, both £20, will be pitted against each other in the ultimate food fight from 9 January – 31 January 2019.