Elior stays ahead of the curve with Filipino flavours for new menu

Introducing fresh tastes for Winter/Spring 2019, Elior has launched a range of vibrant global dishes for its original menu concept, Global Flavours. In the latest menu refresh, Elior’s development team is serving up the new ‘Filipino Flavour’ range and revisiting popular Mexican flavours with ‘Mucho Mexicano Enchiladas’.

Mark Crowe, Elior's strategic development manager, said, “We're bringing a taste of Filipino food to the UK, introducing customers about new ingredients and flavour combinations.

'Filipino cuisine is a hidden jewel of Asia that hasn’t yet been widely adopted across the UK, and we want to change that. These sweet, hot and sour flavours are a highlight of this year’s menu and definitely pack a punch.

'We’re excited to see how customers enjoy iconic tastes such as banana ketchup - an absolute must for Filipino cuisine - and beef adobo.

'We're also bringing back fresh, ever-popular tastes of Mexico such as oven-baked tostadas and vegan-friendly jackfruit enchiladas.”

Staying ahead of the game, Elior’s development team creates new menus to introduce different, up-and-coming global cuisines into mainstream food culture. The Global Flavours range celebrates diverse tastes and ingredients from around the world, previously featuring Korean tacos, Turkish pide and Venezuelan arepas.

Global Flavours Winter/Spring 2019 menu
Filipino Flavour

* Mains include: glazed Filipino BBQ pork, beef adobo, aubergine omelette with spicy veggie mince, and sweet & sour chicken Filipino style
* Sides include: pancit vegetable noodles, java rice, egg fried rice and vegetable empanadas
* Salads include: onion, ginger and tomato salad, cucumber & pineapple salad, and Filipino style beans with okra & green beans
* Dips and sauces include: banana ketchup, chilli vinegar, sweet chilli & carrot dipping sauce

Mucho Mexicano Enchiladas
* Enchiladas include: pork & chorizo, chilli chicken, and roasted squash, jackfruit & pineapple
* Sides include: Mexican rice, Yucatan rice, re-fried peas, Mexican dusted sweet potato fries, broken tostados with guacamole, re-fried beans, and char-grilled sweetcorn
* Dips and sauces include: pico de gallo salsa, sweetcorn & pepper aioli, sour cream

These colourful dishes are available across a range of Elior sites including universities, B&I and hospitality venues.