Elior UK & Urban Rajah launches Indian breakfast menu

Elior UK and Ivor Peters (the TV chef and spice expert better known as the Urban Rajah) have taken breakfast to the next level with innovative new range, BREAKfeast.

Redefining breakfast, BREAKfeast meets increasing consumer demand for menu diversification as the offering includes an array of options rich in antioxidants, flavour and spices – bringing new life to this daypart.

With something for every palate, the range includes delicately spiced protein pots, omelettes, bhajis, porridge, naan rolls, drinks and chutneys and draws its inspiration from the industrious cities of India, the rural hardworking heartlands, rugged mountainous living and coastal harvesting.

The Urban Rajah said, “Every morning we wake up, we’re given the chance to do something better, tastier and more inspiring than the day before. Packed with exciting flavours and nourishing ingredients, the ‘BREAKfeast’ menu grabs the day by the collar and raises its game.

“Drawing upon the independent British spirit and the dynamism of the Indian sub-continent, we’re re-defining breakfast with unique, nutritious dishes that allow our customers to ‘breakfast like a Rajah’.”

The refreshed BREAKfeast menu consists of:
· Bombastic eggs: Protein pots with a heritage from Persia, it’s a one pan wonder devoured in Iranian cafes in Bombay. Spice-soaked tomatoes with wonderfully ‘blobby’ eggs touched by turmeric and spinach
· Bhurji spiced scramble: scrambled eggs are given an Indian re-mix, Bhurji style using cumin and curry leaves
· Masala omelette: pimped up omelette with chillies, health busting turmeric and iron rich mustard seeds
· Rajah beans: bean pots are given a Rajasthani make-over using kidney beans, cumin, ginger and coriander and cooked in the style of the Rajahs
· Aloo Hash Bhaji: crispy, full of flavour and gently balanced with ginger and cumin
· Porridge and fruit pots: Goan Malabar porridge with coconut, pistachios and honey, Himalayan tsampa porridge with blueberries and banana slices,
· Marari beach mango salad: with lime-soaked mango and jewelled pomegranate seeds, zinged up with mint and toasted coconut and pumpkin seeds
· Naan rolls: Junglee naan with bacon, Hunters naan with ethically sourced sausages, Anda naan with ‘pimped’ eggs, and ‘the great Gama’ naan
· Drinks: fragrant spiced masala chai, ‘feeling peachy’ lassi with peaches, mint, vanilla, cinnamon and yoghurt
· Chutneys: Chunky, sweet and savoury brinjal (aubergine) jam, tamarind brown sauce and tomato and chilli jam