Red Dog Saloon to launch new concept in May

Red Dog Saloon is to launch Nashville Red-Hot Chicken at Louie's, downstairs at the group's Shoreditch site in May, and will be the first London restaurant to dedicate its menu to this local speciality of Tennessee.

Unlike its lightly seasoned brothers and sisters from Louisiana or New Orleans, Nashville fried chicken is served blazing. Coated in buttermilk and seasoned with paprika, garlic and brown sugar and fried in cayenne-infused hot oil, Louie’s chicken has distinctive deep red colour and a fiery, crispy coating.

At Louie’s, which will have it's own entrance, diners can create their own bespoke serve - from the cut of the chicken to the level of spice desired. They can choose between a milder, warm taste or if they can handle the heat, take it up to the top level and blow their socks off. This holy grail of hot-fried chicken is then served with traditional Southern sides from slaw to pickles, for some extra tang.

Red Dog Saloon - the Austin-style barbeque and dive bar, currently has sites across London, Liverpool, Southampton and Nottingham.

‘Austin by way of Brooklyn, served with a side of Nashville for good measure’, Red Dog Saloon was created by barbeque expert Tom Brooke as a solution to the commonly found dry, unloved and unskilled ‘que.

Brooke said, ‘This is an exciting time to be introducing Nashville fried chicken to London for the first time ever. Louie’s will serve red-hot chicken like nowhere else in the city.'