Star recycling agreement to reduce waste to landfill & cost for licensees

Star Pubs & Bars is offering its leased pubs the same competitive commercial terms for recycling and waste collection that it has negotiated for its Just Add Talent (JAT) managed operator pubs, saving licensees over one thousand pounds a year. The cost saving is achieved by increasing the amount of waste that is recycled.

The three-year arrangement, negotiated with Biffa, one the UK’s market leaders in waste management, will benefit all types of pub, with food led pubs profiting most due to the increased weight-related collection costs incurred from food waste.

The service, which has been used by Just Add Talent pubs for the last eight months, includes guidance on waste management designed to reduce landfill waste and improve recycling - with data provided on levels and types of waste at each pub. Armed with this knowledge, Star Pubs & Bars can provide different bin sizes appropriate to the individual pub resulting in lower charges.

Steve Dancer, Star Pubs & Bars Buying Director, said: “The agreement we’ve negotiated is in direct response to licensees’ requests for more help reducing their overheads. We’re able to leverage the size and scale of our business to negotiate some great deals for licensees, passing all savings direct to them. Not enough waste is currently correctly recycled so anything we can do to reduce landfill will be good news for licensees’ bottom line and good news for the environment. With our Just Add Talent pubs alone, we’ve already seen two tonnes less waste going to landfill a month, which will increase over the coming months.”