Pret comments on new food labelling law

Following the Government's announcement today of a new law that makes full ingredient labelling mandatory on all pre-packed food, a Pret A Manger spokesperson said, “We are pleased that the Government has chosen to support full ingredient labelling.

'As part of Pret’s Allergy Plan, full ingredient labels are now in over 60 Pret shops as part of our nationwide rollout.

'Before we took this step, we ran a number of pilots to confirm that this approach would be safe, practical and effective.

'Thanks to the dedication of many Pret Team Members, we have been able to show that full ingredient labelling is operationally possible in small kitchens when proper care is taken.”

The Government plans to introduce the new legislation this summer, which will mandate full ingredients labelling for foods which are prepacked for direct sale.

It is proposed that the new laws will come into force in England and Northern Ireland by summer 2021.