Elior UK launches new grab & go range with Urban Rajah

Elior UK and Ivor Peters, the TV chef and spice expert - better known as the Urban Rajah, are redefining food to go with their new range, Jaldi! Jaldi! Translated as “Quickly! Quickly!”, the range was created as a grab-and-go lunchtime solution with a twist.

The aromatic range meets consumer demand for quick lunch bites for busy schedules, but goes one step further to offer something unique, colourful and new to satisfy consumers’ taste buds.

Options include ‘naaninis’ - Urban Rajah’s spin on the Italian panini, with spicy, savoury filling options, ‘salad shakers’ such as chicken tikka peach sabzi and vegan Calicut jackfruit salad, and aubergine rollups perfect for lower carb diets. Signature sweet treats include the sumptuous cardamom and date chocolate brownie and blueberry vanilla lassi (yoghurt drink).

Peters said, “When life’s a tad hectic there’s no room for sacrificing on nutrition and flavour. ‘grab-and-go’ food was perhaps invented in the Indian subcontinent where over 1 billion people move to the pace of industrial progress and demand tasty food...quickly.

“Whilst life might be a little less crowded than a Karachi bus or New Delhi Station our need is no different, which is why we created the Jaldi! Jaldi! menu. There's something for everyone - salads bejewelled with the colours of an Asian rainbow, soft, comforting Naanini, sweet treats and cooling drinks. Move over ‘grab-and-go’, make way for Jaldi! Jaldi!”

The Jaldi! Jaldi! menu consists of:
> Salad shakers: roast aloo ghobi salad, chicken tikka peach sabzi, Calicut jackfruit salad, mango mackerel salad
> Naanini: methi aloo, baingan chaat salad, reshmi chicken chaat
> Aubergine rollups: pink paneer rollup, Tamil falafel rollup
> Sweet treats: blueberry kheer, cardamom and date chocolate brownies, misti doi and fig jam
> Chutneys and dressings: lemon and mint dressing, lime and chilli dressing, tamarind and cumin chutney
> Drinks: blueberry vanilla lassi, espresso caramel lassi