Wagamama launches new vegan desserts

Wagamama is celebrating summer with the launch of new and exciting vegan desserts.

The mouthwatering dishes include a beautiful layer cake and two exotic flavoured ice creams adding to the existing vegan dessert, pink guava and passion fruit sorbet served with fresh mint.

The star of the show is mango and matcha (powdered green tea leaves) layer cake consisting of layers of matcha cream, vanilla sponge and yuzu (a citrus fruit) cream with a mango and passion fruit purée, topped with a fresh raspberry compote.

The ice creams include flavours chocolate and orange blossom served with a passion fruit coulis and fresh mint and strawberry and yuzu ice cream served with a raspberry compote and fresh mint.

The delicious layer cake contains 258 calories, the chocolate and orange blossom ice cream 299 calories and the strawberry and yuzu ice cream 319 calories per serving.

Wagamama Chief Marketing Officer, Ross Farquhar, said, “Over the last two years we’ve seen demand for vegan dishes grow and grow, and that’s spurred us on to develop new recipes and use new ingredients.

'Whether you’re vegan or not our new desserts, ranging from mango and matcha layer cake to strawberry and yuzu ice cream, taste fantastic. But we’re especially proud that our vegan guests can now enjoy a treat as Summer rolls in.”

The vegan desserts are part of Wagamama’s innovative summer menu which features the Naked Katsu curry designed as a lighter alternative to the classic dish.This dish is part of the kokoro bowls range alongside the new nuoc cham tuna and avant gard’n, complete with the world’s first vegan ‘egg’. Each dish in the range comes in at under 650 calories.